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Art Sales, Administration, H.R, Clergy/Religious Services, Housekeeping, Hotel Management, Engine/Technical, Shore Excursion, Medical, Galley, Sport/Fitness, Guest Service, Casino, Cruise Activities, Retail, IT, Culinary/Restaurant, Food & Beverage, Spa & Beauty, Management, Beverages, Childcare, Provisions, Entertainment, Deck, Lecturers/Speakers, Land Based, Photography, Security, Private Estate, Other.


Are you excited about making your talent go international? Working on a cruise ship gives a new dimension to your job.

Do you want to:

Be part of a bigger picture? Get to know new people from all over the world? Discover the world while working? Why not go on a new adventure as part of a cruise crew. The ships we crew are luxurious floating hotels, where a trained massage therapist can`t be missed.

We look forward to meeting you. We will offer you:

– attractive salary
– good fringe benefits
– pleasant working atmosphere
– growth opportunities


– You had a training to be an expert in your field.
– You master multiple techniques.
– You want to work in a different environment.
– You are guest-driven.

Cruise Jobs: Housekeeping Jobs, Engine / Technical Jobs, Shore Excursions Jobs, Medical Jobs, Galley Jobs, Sport & Fitness Jobs, Guest Service Jobs, Casino Jobs, Retail Jobs, IT Jobs, Restaurant Jobs, Management Jobs, Spa & Beauty Jobs, Beverage Jobs, Provisions Jobs, Administration Jobs, Entertainment Jobs, Land Based Jobs, Deck Jobs, Photography Jobs, Private Estate Jobs, Other Jobs
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